Image from: Elena Undone (2010)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
Elena Undone
Elena Undone
Elena Undone
USA, 2010, 111 minutes, SD Drama, Romance, LGBT
This is a film extraordinaire and a notch higher in terms of tackling the issues of lesbian romance, marriage incompatibilities and finding your soul mate, among others.  The characters of Elena and  Peyton  are complex, sensitive and each has a yearning that the other seems to hold the key.  While Peyton is a lesbian, Elena is unhappily married to an anti-gay pastor. Their conversations are personal, intellectual and each seems to be attuned to the other one, which is a very surprising thing.  Acting portrayals superbly done with similarly superb cinematography.  Teachings and insights of a love guru cum friend of Elena and Peyton somehow add depth and understanding of the issues that the director aims to enlighten the viewers with.  This is one of  my favorite statements spoken by the love guru: " Don't confuse the attraction of the physical to the yearnings of the soul".  The film has depth and it's meaningful, highly recommended! 
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