Image from: The Perfect Family (2011)

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The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family
The Perfect Family
USA, 2011, 84 minutes Comedy, Drama
I liked this film. I liked its message: that there is a difference between the ritualistic legalism of "religion" and the plain and simple love of Christ. Kathleen Turner brilliantly portrays a woman hellbent on "earning" absolution for her sins and the approval of the people at her church, and higherups. She does what many of us to prove to God that we're worthy, which is ridiculous since he already said we are forgiven and that relationship with him is all he really wants. When confronted with her less than perfect (in the eyes of the Catholic church, and probably others as well) family, she struggles to find where her values really need a revisit and succeeds by the end of the film to choose the real God AND her family.
Not for me
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