Image from: Sleeping Beauty (2011)

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Reviewed by OrangeFellow GB / Joined OrangeFellow -0001
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty
Australia, 2011, 102 minutes Drama, Romance
Grim, haunting and slow, Sleeping Beauty is a film you will either be softly carried along by o have to full-on tackle to get through. Everything in this film could in fact be described as "soft", from the near-invisible editing to the unpronounced score tot the quiet and detached acting.

Granted, it's fitting considering the huge role "sleep" plays in the film. A young girl enters the peculiar business of charging men to sleep next to her - no, not with her, next to her. What each man gains from this is different, from company to strange sexual gratification. However, she is never taken advantage of (unless you consider the entire profession taking advantage of a young girl, of course). She simply takes a drug and slips off.

The cinematography is gorgeous, as are the sets. Sleeping Beauty could very much be the perfect way to surmise the film - a slow narrative where (admittedly) not terribly much happens nestled within a mesmerising package.

I would not begrudge anyone for disliking Sleeping Beauty - even I wouldn't call the film "great" - however for me, it did work, to an extent. If Sleeping Beauty can hypnotise you, it can be a worthwhile watch.
Not for me
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