Image from: Diary of An Ugly (2014)

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Reviewed by Awilkes CA / Joined Awilkes 2016
Diary of An Ugly
Diary of An Ugly
Diary of An Ugly
Philippines, 2014, 110 minutes Comedy, Drama, Romance, Asian
The typical teen flick ugly girl usually sports glasses, braces on her teeth and a meek personality, and is at some point treated to a makeover by her high school prince who removes her glasses and is suddenly struck by her underlying beauty.Lustre’s Eya remarkably fits none of these cliches - she is fiery and determined, suffers from severe acne (which is something plenty of us can relate to) and despite being constantly insulted and belittled by the person she is paid to serve, she takes none of Cross’ crap - his insults roll off her like water off a duck’s back. I would dearly love to see more female protagonists like Eya in teen films around the world, and Lustre’s portrayal of her is skilfully and convincingly done.
Not for me
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