Image from: [REC] (2007)

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Reviewed by Sammy GB / Joined Sammy -0001
Spain, 2007, 78 minutes Horror, Mystery
Spanish horror "Rec" is one of the first foreign films to use the found footage style in an innovative way. Director Jaume Balagueró uses the method to it's advantage in terms of creating realism as well as some really great shocks and scares. Not only is it an intense and fast paced horror flick but there are plenty of "hidden" connotations through out the film that is only revealed in the sequel. Look out for all the clues, you might figure it out before the reveal in the sequel that completely changes the theme and sub-genre of film. With many plot twists, crazy character development and reveals, its easy to get disorientated but just remember that's the point.. Your not suppose to feel completely comfortable whilst watching a horror film. I much prefer a film to leave me with some questions than the old Hollywood drivel spoon feeding every bit of information.
Not for me
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