Image from: Petty Romance (2010)

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Petty Romance
Petty Romance
Petty Romance
South Korea, 2010, 118 minutes, SD Comedy, Romance, Asian
I was very amused when I watched this film. It's comically erotic with the sex scenes done in animation. An unemployed writer and down on his luck but talented cartoonist pair up and create an adult comic book in the hope of winning a hefty sum and a publishing deal. They always bicker and argue on the story and ideas but the end result was a creative work of art that just might be the answer to their financial woes. There are scenes that I find hilarious such as that scene where Da-Rim fell asleep and Jung-Bae made caricatures based on her face, putting an ink blot on her face to represent a mole. Another scene that cracked me up was that scene wherein the two were discussing their story in an outdoor cafeteria, with people around them overhearing their discussion of intimate scenes and private body parts. This film was well-received by Korean viewers and premiered to a receptive audience at the 2011 London Terracotta Film Festival. If you're into sexy comedy films, then this will be to your liking!
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