Image from: Nang-Nak (1999)

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Thailand, 1999, 100 minutes Drama, Thriller, Romance, Asian, Supernatural
Nang Nak is another version of the legend of Mae Nak Phra Kanong. The drama thriller re-tells the story as it is with no added characters or twist. In the banks of Phra Kanong lived Mak and Nak. When Mak was enlisted in the army Nak was already pregnant with their first. Mak was severely wounded in the battlefield and could not go home in time for his son's birth. Unfortunately Nak and the child died during the delivery but when Mak returned to their home he found his wife and child alive and well. This is a tragic love story where love knows no boundaries. Nak crossed the line from death to the living to be with the man she loves. Whoever opposed to their reunion is bound to meet their own death. Mae Nak of Phra Kanong is considered as a saint by the Thai until today for her undying love and devotion to the man she loves. Nonzee Nimibutr gave justice to Nak's pleasures and suffering in living and after death. This is magnified in the scene when Nak gave birth to her son. The ecstasy of her union with Mak and the pains of childbirth are seemingly interchangeable. This became her attachment to life aside from her love for Mak.  
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