Image from: Mulan: Warrior Princess (2009)

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Mulan: Warrior Princess
Mulan: Warrior Princess
Mulan: Warrior Princess
China, 2009, 115 minutes, SD Action, Adventure, Asian, History
Hua Mulan is among China’s creme de la creme warriors in this historical action drama movie Mulan: Rise of a Warrior.  Director Jingle Ma opted to create a realistic character who will possesses the quality of extraordinary resilience to adverse situations.  With a sharp mind for tactics and strategy and with the heart of a woman, Mulan’s extraordinary courage will save her camp from an attack staged by Rouran soldiers. Mulan is the daughter of an aging soldier. When the Rouran soldiers began advancing towards Chinese territory, the government called on previously enlisted men to fend off the invading army. Afraid for his aging father’s poor health, Mulan takes her place and pretends to be her father. In the camp she encounters her childhood friend Tiger and a new friend Wentai.  Wentai knows of Mulan’s secret and as the latter was about to be beheaded for stealing, Wentai helps her escape when the camp is attacked by Rouran soldiers. But she stays on to win the battle. This starts a partnership that would promote them to the rank of general.  This begins Mulan’s rise to power. Her will, determination and quick thinking is tested as she goes from one battle to the next, winning the loyalty of her soldiers and boosting the morale of the Chinese army. The film has the authentic feel of the age of Chinese dynasties except for the use of Phalanx which is an ancient Greek war strategy.
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