Image from: Thy Womb (2012)

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Thy Womb
Thy Womb
Thy Womb
Philippines, 2012, 100 minutes Drama, Asian
Watching this film is like watching the calm blue water of the sea with a forceful undercurrent undetected at the surface. Brillante Mendoza's movie is far from his usual style of physical and almost brutal realism. In this film he tackles a different kind of volatility in man, waves of emotion that comes crashing in as reality bites. A barren wife seeks for a wife to bear a child for her husband. In the tradition of her people and the whim of the future wife if the match is successful she must leave the home she built with her husband and relinquish her hold as a wife. This is veteran actors' territory as they tackle their characters with ease to hold their emotions in check and let the eyes and almost expressionless face do the talking. This is also a reunion movie for actors Nora Aurnor and Bembol Roco. Their previous team up was in Three Godless Years (Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos, 1976)
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