Image from: The Samurai of Ayothaya (2010)

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The Samurai of Ayothaya
The Samurai of Ayothaya
The Samurai of Ayothaya
Thailand, 2010, 100 minutes Action, Asian
This Thai action movie is based on the historical events in 16th century Siam. The kingdom of Ayothaya and Japan had trading and military ties. Japanese Military Volunteers were sent and settled in the capital. Yamada Nagasama is one of the volunteers. His mission is to help crack down a group of thieves infiltrating Ayothayan homes at night. As he is about to get to the bottom of the mission and catch the mastermind to present to the king of Ayothaya, the leader got to him first and tried to kill him. Fortunately a group of Muay Thai warriors came and rescues him from the brink of death. This is the start of his journey to the Thai martial arts. Combining this with his Japanese Samurai techniques he became invisible and ready to take on any opponent. His target is the leader of the thieves who he knew from the Japanese Military Volunteers. The action pack movie is heavy on swordfighting. There is a lot of blood and violence but that’s what makes it exciting and effective in recreating Yamada’s early life in Thailand and his road to success as an official in the royal court.
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