Image from: The Passion Trilogy (2010)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
The Passion Trilogy
The Passion Trilogy
The Passion Trilogy
USA, 2010, 140 minutes LGBT, Compilation
Erotic and seductive but lacking in terms of acting performance.This trilogy explores lesbian issues and some viewers will be awed with some scenes. "Desire: An Erotic Fantasy Play" is about the realities and dreams of 3 ladies and a diary is a central part in this tale. This part sticks true to its title, as eroticism and fantasy was acted out to the hilt, even to the point of making scenes too dragging and prolonged just to emphasize the erotic factor.  The narrator was not too effective in setting the mood on certain scenes, the narrator's voice lacked the depth and sultry timbre to complement the story's aura. Much as viewers are allowed the freedom to appreciate the human and female form there are scenes that will appear boring albeit unnecessary.  Still this is worth checking out for the awareness and issues raised  in this film as a whole. 
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