Image from: Little Vera (1988)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Little Vera
Little Vera
Little Vera
Russia, 1988, 128 minutes, SD Romance, Coming of Age
Engaging film and with a very interesting plot.  This film tackles issues like youth rebellion, promiscuity and a seemingly big gap between parents and siblings. Natalya Negoda has on-screen appeal and raw talent but like an uncut diamond it needs polishing.  She registers well on-screen, that's a given, but depth of emotion not quite fulfilled. Her laughs at times are so forced and it doesn't convey emotion as such. Her provocative face and slim figure helps and she is seething with erotic sensuality and in a way it helped her through during the film's entirety. Noted few things that somehow show the working class status of her family: the ever-present red and white blouse that she wears in the majority of scenes and yes, the   house dress with a big hole near the shoulder. There also seems to be Western influences in the teens and young people in Vera's place, the Soviet Union, as depicted in the film and Western culture also made a big influence as shown in the film. Recognized in a number of film festivals, still the film didn't seem to fulfill the whole purpose for its viewers. It attracted a big audience at the tills though and judging from this it really must have raised quite a curiosity. Still worth the watch for the social relevance that it tries to instill to the viewers. 
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