Image from: We'll Find Something (2015)

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Reviewed by bennydelacruz PH / Joined bennydelacruz 2016
We'll Find Something
We'll Find Something
We'll Find Something
USA, 2015, 12 minutes Comedy
If they  took their chances on the first restaurant, all they had to do was wait for an hour. But they just had to keep walking and looking  and looking …and looking. Funny how hunger could make two people take it out on each other. Things like past affairs, a word unsaid, a word said, a question unanswered, a delay in answering and so on, would make them lose temper and raise their voices. But they found either too much carb, too much fat, or sugar in the menu, or one that accepted only cash, and so they’d walk again…till it was too late and shops and restaurants would start locking up for the night.Except for the lack of a metaphor, I like the film because it was real.
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