Image from: Bleu Piscine (2011)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Bleu Piscine
Bleu Piscine
Bleu Piscine
France, 2011, 9 minutes LGBT, Sport
Films like this  may not be the fancy of some viewers who prefer witty dialogues and exchanges. This film  opts to go for simplicity,  with no conversations  at all and the camera more of an observer.  One can truly appreciate the camera angles,  especially during the pool scenes, where  there are  sequences shot in  unconventional angles  to create variety or perhaps to trick the eyes.  The only interaction of the two guys were during the time they were swimming and afterwards while showering.  Aside from the occasional glances,  the two men don't really have much to convey.  It was only through the glances that viewers can get a hint of the interest and admiration.  Well-shot and  film scoring was also commendable.   This is something worth checking out. 
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