Image from: Crippled (2009)

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Reviewed by nikkareyes PH / Joined nikkareyes 2016
South Korea, 2009, 14 minutes Asian
The scenes may look simple and ordinary but the narration reveals  a deeper meaning into it.  The young man who rises early every day to go up the mountains and write down his thoughts castigate the ways and lives of young people and people in general. The rants on his notebook clearly shows disgust towards people and talks about how corrupt and lazy most people are.  When someone else takes away his favorite spot on the top of the mountain he expresses remorse and criticizes the other guy,  citing that it won't take long before the other guy will not show up in that place again, due to laziness.  But as scenes unfold,  viewers will realize the true worth of the other guy.  On the last scene, the other guy still appeared,  but this time he is crippled and walked with support.  This, after the young man castigated him through his notes, not knowing that it is the guy who saved him from a speeding car.  Sometimes, people tend to overlook the good things and qualities of others, because they  are too busy finding their faults.  Compelling and eye-opening! This is a must-watch, guys! 
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