Image from: Banana Motherfucker (2011)

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Reviewed by edwinjamescalin US / Joined edwinjamescalin 2016
Banana Motherfucker
Banana Motherfucker
Banana Motherfucker
Portugal, 2011, 16 minutes Comedy, Horror
Entertaining, twisted,  bloody and gory! Horror and comedy mixed together to give you a rollercoaster ride of banana terror.  I was just wondering about the title though and was hoping that Banana Invasion would be more spot on. But nevertheless,  the film  succeeded in bringing out the scary in a wacky way  factor that made it unique.  The mutilated body parts and gorged eyes never fail to shock viewers although I noticed the color of the blood in here was not a deep red, but rather a pinkish red, which will leave you thinking otherwise.  So why bananas?  Were the "spirits"  as mentioned in the legend have an affinity for it?  I would like to think so,  as it happened somewhere in the Colombian coast,  so the credits say, and the place is known for its succulent bananas.  The film  had laudable musical scoring, adding to the scary  effect but I still just can't  really get over with the fact that bananas can be THIS dangerous, still, kudos to the writer and director Pedro Florencio. And thanks but no thanks, I  would have to do a double take when I see bananas anytime soon! Do check out this flick, folks! 
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