Image from: Before We Forget (2011)

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Before We Forget
Before We Forget
Before We Forget
Singapore, 2011, 54 minutes Documentary, Asian
The stories of these two elderly women  who have dementia  will make us learn to appreciate our  elders and parents more, while they are strong, able and normal.  The anguish of  Joyce over her mother's condition is so striking and heartbreaking,  you can really feel the devotion  and affection of a daughter who longs for that normal mother she used to have.  Dr. Giam  earlier on has that go-getter attitude, very intellectual, outspoken and fearless. She isn't afraid to declare she's an atheist and egoistic enough to refuse the prayers her friends offer for her. Later on though she becomes more mellow, resigned and emotional.  The faces of dementia as seen from these characters have painful and lasting effects for families and loved ones.  It's a sickness that can come to anyone in the latter years of their life and gives us the realization that  love, time and affection should be given to our parents and older loved ones, before it's too late, before they forget...
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