Image from: Hanger (2012)

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Reviewed by sharonmae PH / Joined sharonmae 2016
Malaysia, 2012, 13 minutes Asian
Funny how the girl was shown to be going after cockroaches twice yet there is no actual sign of these insects. One only gets to know about its presence from her conversation with the man she's living with.  Viewing the film created confusion for me, and while the girl was mentioning about some kind of fairy tale, I think this is an escape from her ordinary and dreadful life.  I can't help but notice the number of times her legs were exposed and she was also shown a few times lying on the floor.  Was it to symbolize laziness or desolation perhaps?  Musical scoring was  quite okay at the latter part of the film but then again,  I noticed the girl's hand in a slow moving action, not  crawl-like but it seems to be sliding against the roughness of the concrete surface.  Not sure if it was to mimic  the movement of cockroaches though.  The way the actors  carried their roles can still improve in a way,  or maybe it was meant to be that way: dull, boring with the girl's words  spoken in an almost inaudible way,   robbed of life and enthusiasm.  
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