Image from: Marigolds (2010)

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Reviewed by sandrajeanroqui PH / Joined sandrajeanroqui 2016
UK, 2010, 17 minutes Drama
This short film tackles a sensitive issue that is out of the ordinary and normal bounds of society.  The suspicion from a viewer's point of understanding starts to gain momentum the moment the mother meets the girl her son brings along during one of his visits at home.  One can sense the contempt and  denial of the mother.  Viewers conclude that something must be really wrong, when the mother sneaks up outside their bedroom, just enough to hear muffled sounds of  their lovemaking.  The last scene, with the mother throwing a fit while  cleaning the son's room and then lying on the bed in a suggestive pose gives  an exact resolution to her unusual behavior all along.   Disturbingly and brutally honest,  tastefully exhibited: it opens our eyes to the realms of  endless  possibilities in this world.  The camera movements towards the end concluding with the door being closed signifies that this is, by far,  a  secret kept from behind closed doors.  Nevertheless, it evoked feelings of  empathy for the father,   seen holding on to the railings,  a picture of  self-loathing  and haplessness.  This is a must-watch!  
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