Image from: Each Other (2014)

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Reviewed by bennydelacruz PH / Joined bennydelacruz 2016
Each Other
Each Other
Each Other
South Korea, 2014, 7 minutes Asian, Animation, Childrens
Each Other is so akin to the Siddhartha story.  It will be recalled that Siddhartha was kept within the safe confines of his father’s luxuriant surroundings. But eventually his desire to know what was beyond carried him to the dangerous other side of reality.  His determination stopped the efforts of the other creature in his “island” – was that his mother? It stopped him from struggling to fight to keep himself within the comforts of his bafflement and to allow the unknown forces to destroy him and to break him into tiny little pieces for only by becoming nothing will he find what he was looking for. And so the transformation that will not be noticed by his confined world.I love this short anime film because it is about man’s spiritual struggle to let go of his boxed existence and to embrace that which is strange and free but beyond his normal comprehension. The cartoon art is fascinating as it leaves room for the imagination to roam. I like that the writer took Siddhartha’s story and made it his own.
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