Image from: Her Black Wings (2013)

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Reviewed by bennydelacruz PH / Joined bennydelacruz 2016
Her Black Wings
Her Black Wings
Her Black Wings
Sweden, 2013, 29 minutes Horror
So this is a short horror film. I don’t have a problem as to content and execution.  My expectations were exceeded as well in a few aspects such as budget because it is a short film and that is the challenge of short films. And I love the Mephistophelean theme and the suspense and the uncertainty that it carried. I love the setting too and the clarity of the musical score. I liked that it left me presuming that the farmer would regain consciousness and defeat the devil but I’m glad that my cliché expectations were debunked.I am however mystified as to why that particular farmer was chosen – of course it was a short film but there should have been some sort of explanation as to why him, or that place, and as to why she fell or descended. Do devils have to look for farm houses to fall to in preparation of their quickening or rather the birthing of their wings? If the goal of the story is to show that evil has won in this case, it is not clear to me. So overall, I felt that it was good in some aspects but hanging in many others. I’d rate it 6 of 10.
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