Image from: Dog Food (2014)

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Reviewed by Bartonelster PH / Joined Bartonelster 2016
Dog Food
Dog Food
Dog Food
USA, 2014, 18 minutes Horror
Thernfilm is quite predictable, although, it did include a twist some might not seerncoming. But the message it conveys is a bit confusing. Is it promoting veganismrnor placing vegans on a negative light? It somehow gives me an impression thatrnvegans are manipulative and imposing for the siblings to commit such cruelty torna seemingly nice person who does not adhere to their beliefs. I wish plantsrnstart talking as well and crying everytime they get munched up by vegans andrnthen let's see what else is left on earth that we can eat to survive. I feelrnangry. It's probably Ralphie. He's just so cute.
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