Reviewed by sharonmae
on 14/03/2016 14:26

Magnificently written and depicted,  this very touching film challenges the very core of human nature.  This  unfortunate couple, born with a number zero were reduced to nothing and treated worse than any kind of scrap. They weren't allowed to be happy either, they were shunned, bullied, laughed at . What I found so touching with the two characters were their gentle and positive nature, of being  able to see the good in even the most desolate situation, even the glimmering droplets of rain were enough to  make the character smile. But most of all, I adore how the film ended, with the female zero giving birth to twins with the infinity sign, said to be the most revered sign.  It was the sweetest moment of triumph  for this loving and good couple.   Commendable stop animation,  the yarn characters are visually appealing! Writer and director Kezelos deserves praise for this work and  I will  surely look out for his future works.