Reviewed by snakeeyes
on 07/10/2015 10:26

I can't disagree more with the review by DelphineM about Jane Fonda's performance. For me she came into the film at the perfect moment, injecting it with much needed energy via laugh-out-loud olde Hollywoode sass and bitchery. For up until this point, the film loses its way somewhat. Caine, Keitel and Weisz all deserve fully-fleshed narratives, but only Caine gets his (and brilliant he is with it, too), so the first half of the film is spent with a lot of characters milling around when really we should be thrust into this trio and their journeys (didn't care much for Dano). Yes, the Alpine visuals are a lovely balm and yes the dialogue is too poetic and scrubbed, and I enjoyed it for all that, but, save for a brief visit to a nursing home, for a film about death, it never quite takes you to the brink. Still, highly recommended.