Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 14/10/2016 16:38

Commendable and solid performances and great camera work, these are mainly what attracts the viewers to this film about love, devotion and family relationships.  This movie centers around Evangeline (Ina Feleo) who works hard yet quite a step behind where it concerns caring for her son.  When her brother who's a priest becomes ill, conflict starts to arise within the family circle, especially since father and mother are not together anymore.  There are countless issues along the way that are unravelled but somehow there's a lack of a truly solid story as it seems to highlight more the festivities of Our Lady of Penafrancia but other relevant issues were quite left unclear.  Surprising to see Jomarie Yllana deliver a quite solid performance in this film, as he has been usually relegated to support roles lately.  Feleo was outstanding and with impressive support from Nonong and Sharmaine Buencamino as well as from Eddie Garcia. Worth checking out!