Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 27/07/2016 12:18

The story tackles the controversial topic of hermaphroditism. The lead character Alex (Ines Efron) suffers this rare condition and the parents, portrayed by R. Darin and V. Bertucelli are at odds on how to manage the crisis and hoping that she can still live as a normal person.  There is a constant debate all throughout the film's entirety. Ines Efron displays an intensity that' s very affecting, a teenager in the puberty stage, she is evidently confused of her body and the constant pull of emotions. The consistent and compelling way that she expresses herself is a wonder and this is clearly acknowledged, judging from the number of Best Actress awards to her cap.  Very touching drama that constantly asks for the viewers'  open mindedness and understanding,  a plea for acceptance, if need be.  This is a film that everyone should never dare miss!