Reviewed by lenidecastro
on 01/03/2016 11:28

The writer apparently feels clearly how life is as a factory worker repeating the same things every day: “Same clothes, same place, same process.” Qu mao mao commented that factory work can be tough because of the boring routine and the repetitious regimen in a cold industrial setting of a factory of 2000 workers. I enjoyed the friendship that they shared, the comradeship and team spirit. But most of all, I very much appreciated the focus on Qu Mao Mao who had to undergo rigorous kickboxing training and preparation for a competition in order to have enough money that will enable him to go to his girlfriend’s house to ask for her hand. I appreciate his tenacity because his winnings are obviously not enough to convince parents who want material sufficiency in a man.Xiong di is a movie about a common man’s dreams and aspirations as well as his struggles and efforts in order to achieve that dream. It is about the courageous attempt to believe in oneself and in life which belief is still plentiful among young people like Qu Mao Mao.