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Women in the Dark

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Women in the Dark

  • Spain
  • Colombia
  • Denmark
  • UK
  • 2019
  • 118 minutes
  • Compilation
  • LGBT
  • Coming of Age

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These women are beguiling mysteries to one another, but not for much longer... A compilation of shorts based around lesbian and female sexuality.

Dead Bird Don’t Fly (Mei’s Bridge) dir. Charlie Sporns

Forced into an American high school by her parents, an isolated foreign student becomes attracted to her only friend, her female English tutor.

Eva Minus Candela (Eva menos Candela) dir. Ruth Caudeli

Eva and Candela meet two years after their relationship ends because Eva needs something from Candela. Although they seem to have remade their lives, they still have outstanding issues between them.

Anita dir. Josema Roig

One given summer day, Rodrigo watches Anita floating away in the complex swimming pool. Anita is not paying attention, her mind is somewhere else.At night they will meet again, in a very different place, where teenagers pretend they are grown-ups.

Mamis Dir. Virginia Fuentes

'Being gay in Cuba was never easy. It is even more difficult when gay couples wanting to become parents as the rest of heterosexual people do. MAMIS is the story of four women who are tired of being treated as second-class citizens. It is a story about two generations of Cuban mothers who have decided to live their lives how they want to, despite the prejudices of the society. It is about personal rebellion, but also of resignation.'

Synaptic (Sinaptica) Dir. Carlos Durrif

After a mysterious synaptic connection beyond scientific explanation, two women, Clara and Gio establish a dreamlike relationship that leads them to share their deepest dreams and hidden desires.

Wayward (Rodløs) Dir. Kira Richards Hansen

Wayward is a teen drama, about exploring and challenging boundaries in search for identity. Alex's identity as a tomboy is challenged from within and by her peers. She is 14 years old and her body is undergoing changes, yet she continues to insist on the tomboy identity.

Between Walls (Entre Paredes) Dir. Ruth Caudeli

Isabella, Mario and Cristina look in an application to some stranger with whom to make a trio. The three of them are in a sleazy motel room between sex and drugs. Will strangers be the ones who finally know us better?