Reviewed by dominicbrant
on 21/02/2016 01:22

What's adorable about this film, and what lifts it out of the realm of cliche, is the voice-over.  It's narrated with a sense of humour.  The clever people say that behind every joke is a moment of pain: comedians have the darkest hearts.  If you've ever experienced Evangelical Christianity you've more than likely noticed that everyone is super nice.  Really.  They are.  They speak of love and God and caring and all manner of wonderful things.  It's contagious.  But then, what if you don't quite live up to expectations?  Well, that makes you evil.  No matter how honest, sincere and devoted you are - and even if you are cute - you are damned.  Now, that's actually quite nasty.  All the sugar in the world won't sweeten that pill.  So, on reflection this is a bitter sweet film.  It hits the mark.  And it's beautifully made.