Reviewed by OrangeFellow
on 30/07/2014 16:30

White Dog is a haunting picture of malformed innocence. The film tells the tale of a woman who adopts a white dog, taking care of it and bonding with it, all the while being completely unaware of a dark and terrible evil residing within the beast.\r\n\r\nWhat's excellent about the film, that I won't spoil, is the nature of the animal's evil. As much as it was billed as such, White Dog is not "Jaws with Paws", and the darkness within the creature is truly horrifying. It plays with expectations, the hypnotizing and bleak score setting up an antediluvian horror, or some kind of primal uncontrollable anger.\r\n\r\nWhat really makes White Dog an effective horror, though, is that the nature of the evil is entirely human.