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What the Eyes Can't See

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What the Eyes Cant See

  • Spain
  • Colombia
  • 2019
  • 73 minutes
  • LGBT
  • Compilation

For only $4.99

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Four Spanish-language shorts about the importance and complexity of peoples perception from award winning directors. Stories of identity, misconceptions, regrets, dreams and love are told in this diverse collection.

Tenants (Inquilinos) - dir. Alexandra Gascón

A young duo of very special tenants move to María Teresas buildings

My Brother (Mi Hermano) dir. Miguel Lafuente

My Brother tells the story of Alberto, a young Spaniard who has fled as far as possible from his conservative family. He lives in Berlin, with his partner, and works as a comic book illustrator. But an unexpected event forces him to return to his suffocating Castilian people and to face not only his origins but the lies he created to survive. To expire his guilt, he will try to change the evolution of his tragedy through fiction, in the best way he can do, drawing. It is a story that takes us from a cosmopolitan, artistic and free world to a deep and hypocritical Spain, which still survives and oppresses despite the achievements made by our society.

Guillermo on the Roof (Guillermo en El Tejado) dir. Miguel Lafuente

While Guillermo tries to fix his love life by taking it to the screen he will discover another reality from the hand of Samir, a Syrian refugee who will make him think that all his problems are superficial.

You Are Not a Woman (Usten No es Mujer) dir. Sebastián Barreto

In the small town of Santuario, Colombia, there is a transgender indigenous community. There, among its hundreds of members, Juliana and Berómica, have had to endure the exile of their community in the midst of a highly Catholic and prejudiced population. With the circumstances against them, they have managed to get ahead, but with scars, scars that reveal a deeper and unhealed wound in Colombian society.