Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 26/08/2016 15:10

I haven't experienced being in a sinking ship before and I don't want to experience it ever, but this film, it's the closest to being in that scenario!  While one can see the panic, anger, anxiety and fear in the passengers the feelings I had while watching the scene where passengers are being rescued onboard boats can't be dismissed. Seeing those people in a state of chaos while getting into the boats give me feelings of relief but also a feeling of suspense and uncertainty. Questions like: What if the boats capsize? What if the sea becomes too rough and waves will knock off those boats? But getting on those boats were the only way that the passengers can survive and brought to safety.  Director Carneiro and his crew were admirable for their calm demeanor, I think they were the ones who boarded last on the rescue boats, and made sure that the Guineans especially the women and children were all safe and transported first. Surely it will be an experience that they won't forget.