Reviewed by jeteli
on 26/08/2016 14:44

I appreciated this film for all its rawness and spontaneity.  Filmed in that actual moment where director Paulo Carneiro, his film crew and the rest of the passengers experience being in a sinking ship makes this documentary very genuine. Viewers can feel the anxiety, restlessness and uncertainty in the faces of everyone and when the lights were turned off and darkness envelops the ship, the countless voices heard all echo the same feelings.  There was a woman's voice that seems to drown out other voices and I presume this must be a very worried mother with children in tow.  The shots that show the rising water level were very disturbing and even though I was only watching the said film, I was engulfed with unpleasant feelings, as if I was one of the passengers, battling the very feelings of fear and restlessness.