Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 17/03/2016 15:01

Imagine the pain of a mother  helping a thief  elude the authorities  when all along  he was the one responsible for a son's death.   The irony of it all!  The dark shadows and  over-all setting  sets the tone for the somber theme and  recognition should be accorded to the lead character, played  by Suhasini Mulay.   The  pain and anguish in her  tearful eyes upon  knowing of  her son's  demise  has a  very intense effect on the viewers.   More so,   the  events unfold during Gandhi's visit to their place and  amidst the background of the  songVaishnav Jan Toh,  a bhajan included in Gandhi's daily prayer and speaks about the ideals and mentality of a follower of the Lord Vishnu.   This is a film worth watching!