Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 28/06/2016 10:15

This is a true-blue pink film, coming from no less than Imaoka, touted as one of the "seven lucky gods of pink", a group of Japanese filmmakers who specializes in soft-porn films. But the sex scenes surprisingly came out as tastefully done, comedic even, an example would be that  sort of rite-of-passage scene for the kappa Aoki with Asuka's co-worker, portrayed by Ai Narita. So goes with the couple of sex scenes between Asuka and fiancee and finally that of Asuka and Aoki's affirmation of their love. Very peculiar how a sexual intercourse can be done to bring back a kappa to life again, this is uniquely Imaoka, in the truest sense of the word. Acting performances  very commendable, Asuka is hilarious in a pornographic way and yes, Ai Narita, she's a pink goddess alright, viewers were genuinely amused with her very elated face upon seeing a kappa's manhood face to face. Do check out this Imaoka masterpiece especially if you're into Japanese pink films with dancing and singing on the side.