Reviewed by sharonmae
on 09/02/2016 06:37

I am not familiar with the actors of this short film but I like the candidness  of the acting delivery by the actors.   The simplicity of the scenes  is in itself contributory to the over-all charm of this short flick.  One comes to the realization how seemingly ordinary gossips can readily affect a nephew who looks up to his uncle. I can't help but notice  the lady on the boat,  whose close up shots merely focused on her mouth. It was entertaining  just looking at the way her mouth twitches here and there.  And as much as I wonder why the shots only centered in her mouth, one can easily say so that nothing else of interest should be accorded her,  aside from being a gossiper.   While there is no direct confirmation that the uncle is indeed gay,  the last scene where a guy was seen  looking for the uncle seems to give a hint and somehow confirms it.