Reviewed by edwinjamescalin
on 14/07/2016 13:45

This is the first feature film foray of Sergei Dvortsevoy, a Kazakh-born documaker known for works like "In the Dark", "Highway" and "Bread Day". There's quiet charm that's so beguiling as it focuses on life in the steppes of Kazakhstan and how Asa fervently wishes to be married to a girl, most preferably Tulpan,  in order to have a herd of his own. The gentle humor and impressive cinematography are just some of the movie's assets as well as its characters like Asa and that person who portrays the character of Boni who's funny-looking. I particularly liked one scene showing a rising sun in the horizon while a child singing can be heard from the background.  Sadly though, I didn't see any translation of what the child was singing about although I presume  it must have a great message.  This film has been highly-regarded by critics and earned various awards, simply a movie worth checking out!