Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 01/04/2016 13:54

Quaint-looking animation and visuals!  The old man's demeanor seems to take on a positive change the moment he discovers something caught in the fishing net. He takes the creature home, makes it feel comfortable and even involves it in some kind of music jamming and a walk through town.  As the title suggests,  the creature could be an allusion to a "reincarnated master"  in  Tibetan Buddhism.  The creature, characterized as a human form but wholly  made up of water in the animation, eventually weakens and collapses and seeing that droplets of water seems to revive it,  the old man decides to bring it back to the sea where it originally came from.   The emotional parting,  when the creature was finally revived when it was submerged in sea water, was heartbreaking.  It shows that the old man has somehow created a bond with the creature.  Engaging and with impressive musical scoring, this is a must-watch!