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Tri Mas Getir

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Tri Mas Getir

  • Indonesia
  • 2008
  • 97 minutes
  • Asian
  • Comedy

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The story begins with three friends, Ciang Pek, Ujang and Sugeng. Ciang Pek was still living with her grandfather and he inherited the college kungfu / Wushu. Sugeng possessed a fat wife named Susi, Ujang, his father a successful businessman eating house and has a dream married to Katrina Katrodipuro, famous movie stars and beautiful. The three friends worked as extras and was idolized Katrina Sugeng and Ujang are college students wushu belongs engkong Ciang Pek. One day engkong Ciang Pek died. On the night of the funeral, came a mafia kingpin named Munar Sapawi Enkong who want to collect debts amounting to 200 million and threatened to seize the college wushu if it can not pay off the debt