Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 12/09/2016 14:56

I give this an almost perfect rating for the very heart-wrenching message of this film: an almost-love affair that can never become a reality because the woman is married, has a family and there are just too many complications. Impressive acting portrayals by the lead cast especially Tatyana Doranina who plays lead character Nyura. She has an expressive face and played out the role of the free-spirited character of Nyura well. She loves singing and her dreams speak a lot of her fears and anxieties. The constant presence of her dead parents in law somehow conveys the message that she wasn't well-received by them while still alive. The character of her husband was also unsettling, while there wasn't any reason given as to the complete change of attitude in her husband, a flashback of the two of them on their wedding day shows a complete contrast of the husband's personality.  Or maybe was it just that romance faded for him a long time ago? Simple yet poignant, highly recommended!