Reviewed by josephcalingasa
on 10/10/2016 11:48

Hats off to Sean Penn for the charming yet eccentric role that he portrayed in this film!  Penn was able to give the  audience a fitting character study of Cheyenne, a rock star past his prime and career who seems depressed and with no direction in life. The mannerisms, the way of talking ( reedy and almost inaudible) and his posture and way of walking are the things that will most instantly gel on the viewers, staying on their minds forever.  With long-standing guilt in his heart due to two brothers' suicide said to be brought about by his song's lyrics, he travels to America to visit his ailing father yet ends up tracking down a Nazi war criminal to finish where his father left off.  This is a film that conveys the message of  forgiveness and forgiving oneself as well as letting go of the past and moving on. While the movie may take on a slow mo at times it's nonetheless interspersed with quirky comedic scenarios. A movie with many contrasts, this should definitely be on your watchlist this weekend!