Reviewed by jeteli
on 03/10/2016 15:20

This movie is sort of a psycho-thriller that has some quite intense scenes  at times disturbing, such as that scene where Chris, Kaia's sister was seen sleepwalking and then masturbating in her sister's bedroom.  There are things in the film that quite confused me, especially with the sleepwalking of Chris and then the lead characters getting distressed when she disappears. Why didn't they find ways to ensure that she can't wander just about anywhere?  The disappearance was seen as the climax of the story with Kaia and Andrew's relationship gone berserk and Ira was given a good beating by Andrew.  There are issues unresolved by the conclusion of the film, however,  where there may be lapses in the screenplay it quite made up in terms of commendable performances by Witt and Abbott. Cinematography was also impressive, do check this out!