Reviewed by croberson
on 28/07/2014 13:19

I'm probably one of the worst audience members possible for The Road. I'm a big fan of Cormac McCarthy's novel (especially the bits of it that would be hard to film)and I think that burnt out, post-apocalyptic landscapes have become over-exposed in recent years (hardly the film's fault). So bear this in mind when I say that The Road didn't really do it for me.\r\n\r\nThere are plenty of things in the film I like (the performances are strong, there are some suitably harrowing scenes and the production team puts out some great details) but it fails to come together as a whole. Much like the book, it takes the format more of a series of episodes without much of a narrative to propel it.\r\n\r\nI know that's sort of the point but on screen it just makes affairs seem a little listless. But hey, maybe you'll like it more than me.