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The Protagonists

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The Protagonists

  • Italy
  • UK
  • 1999
  • 92 minutes HD
  • Crime
  • Thriller

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The intensely talented, Oscar®-winning indie queen Tilda Swinton leads the investigation of a murder beyond comprehension which is turned into stream-of-consciousness film-making by the innovative director of I AM LOVE, Luca Guadagnino. Before making the international art-house hit I AM LOVE, Tilda Swinton and Luca Guadagnino first gelled when the maverick actress guided her filmmaker friend and crew in the investigation of the - unfortunately true - story of a horrific, senseless murder.

Two young people from Oxford ventured into London on a bloodlust impulse: believing their psychopathic delusion that this was some special-forces type challenge, the cowardly pair mercilessly murdered an innocent passing motorist. The pair, Swinton-Guadagnino, (whose muse-director affinity is likened to hers and Derek Jarman's) present the viewer with - in the filmmaker's words: "a non-literal language of light, of space and time and behaviour. The language of the unexpected."