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The Presence

Ready to Watch Online in SD for only $3.99

The Presence

Die Präsenz
Can a place be evil?
  • Germany
  • 2014
  • 82 minutes SD
  • Horror

For only $3.99

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OUT OCT 24TH - In his studies of anthropology, Markus is dealing with popular superstition and the Poltergeist phenomenon. When his friend Lukas hears about a remote castle which is said to be haunted, Markus wants to take the opportunity to record something paranormal and they decide to spend a week of the upcoming holidays there. His girlfriend Rebecca is not let in before the three are on their way. The students gain unauthorized access to the gloomy water castle and arrange themselves for the night.

What seems to be fun at the beginning, becomes deadly serious very soon: something demonic is haunting the place and things start to get out of control…