Reviewed by Janney
on 01/07/2015 12:58

I cried and cried while watching this. There's something about using claymation (which is beautifully done) to tell such an incredible, harrowing story, that reaches into your soul in a way more traditional filming, either documentary or fiction, does not. I've seen The Killing Fields which I thought was excellent, that's what led me to this documentary. I went to Siem Reap many years ago to see the temples and the people are so lovely, so eager to forge ahead yet not completely forget the past - it is something they must live with, but it exists deep within their souls - they know they cannot progress if they hold onto the awful memories. Then there's the next generation, who were born outside of the atrocities, who are embracing the future and modern technologies and media - this stark difference between the generations, the beauty of the country and the people, it all came flooding back to me, which is probably why I love this film so much.