Reviewed by DelphineM
on 01/02/2016 18:55

Almost a 'you hate it or you love it' situation. Personnally I did enjoy watching The Lobster. I liked the tone, the dark humour touch, the performances, the music and cinematography. I didn't know what to expect and I wasn't disappointed. I guess it's that kind of film where you either dive into the world presented to you, or you stay completely outside, wondering why those people are obeying those weird and twisted dating rules to  find your soulmate. I liked what director Yorgos Lanthimos said in a interview: he said that the open ending was meant to be interepreted in a different way according to your relationship and love life at the moment. Also, on another note: amazing Irish landscape that makes you realize again that not all Enlish-speaking films should be shot in London/New York/LA/Vancouver !