Reviewed by nikkareyes
on 24/03/2016 02:48

From the start viewers are aware that something monstrous is inhabiting the house. This creature sure has a keen sense for music, too, because of the playing record to the tune of "Slippy the Snail".  Several scenes with dead animals and blood all around establish the scary aura and  the creature's invisible power makes it more eerie.  A man's arrival in the house escalates the tension and at  a time viewers least expect it the creature attacks the man and drowns him in a blood bath. That scene got  me jumping out of my seat!  The last scene, with a woman and two kids entering the house gives you a view of the house from the outside and this led me to wonder. Did neighbors really never suspected anything wrong with it? Considering its close proximity to other houses.  Nevertheless,  film scoring and acting was laudable and the horror elements  were achieved as it succeeded in scaring the viewers.  Do check out this film, folks.