Reviewed by Tania123
on 27/02/2015 14:04

The Eye, like so many Asian horror films, seems to suffer in comparison with western, more especially American horror films. I think this is because they are quite different, and many viewers are disappointed to find their expectations confounded. Yet the American film industry can't seem to stop remaking Asian film at the moment. Why? Because American horror is stale and genre-bound, while Asian horror is fresh and different. The Eye is the story of a blind girl, Mun, given a corneal transplant who begins to see shadowy figures after her operation. It is as much a story of pathos as it is of horror. Yet beside the jolts (and there are a few) there is also a creeping sense of disquiet that reaches its crescendo in the final minutes. This is an involving plotline of subtlety, low key jolts and a pervading sense of tragedy.