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The Dream Never Sets

Ready to Watch Online in SD for only $1.99

The Dream Never Sets

  • Taiwan (China)
  • 2010
  • 52 minutes SD
  • Documentary
  • Asian

For only $1.99

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The Dream Never Sets is another highly personal documentary from Wu Wuna, this time focusing on her father, who has claimed to be an inventor of note for as long as she can remember. A somewhat lighter, though equally complex offering, the film reviews her difficult relationship with the man who introduced sex toys to Taiwan and who now dreams of marketing the ultimate food blender around the world. The film sees Wu laying bare their often strained father-daughter bond in an effort to understand it herself, matters being made more difficult when she learns that he is seriously ill.

Wu’s latest is another highly intimate film, in which she is again as involved with her subject as it is possible for a documentarian to be, her relaxed and informal style yielding emotional and surprising results.